Turkey’s not just for special occasions, but every day of the year

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Here at Grove Smith Turkeys, we believe that turkey is special and should be enjoyed every day of the year.  For many people, turkey is the main meal at Christmas (or Thanksgiving) and something that you only enjoy once a year, then don’t think about for the rest of the 364 days. But Grove Smith Farms believe that turkey can be eaten every day.

In many ways, turkey’s huge popularity at Christmas is also its big downfall. One issue is that because it is a dish that people aren’t used to cooking.  It can be tough to get right, so it’s not always 100% successful. Have you only ever eaten dry, over cooked turkey on Christmas day?  If the answer is yes, then there is a good chance that you won’t bother cooking it for the rest of the year, or you won’t pick out a takeaway turkey sandwich for your lunch.

All of which is a real shame – but a massive opportunity for our industry in particular.

Exciting potential – Let’s just have turkey every day 

In an industry that is so heavily dominated by one meat – chicken (which accounts for around 90 per cent of fresh poultry sales) – it is hard to find new routes to consumers.

But with the growth of healthy eating, and people who want to eat more protein, then our English Rose Turkey’s are just the products they’re looking for.

Our beautiful English Rose Turkeys are homegrown in a caring and sustainable way, right here at our home on Hubbard’s Farm.  And provenance, good animal husbandry, and environmental responsibility are all big concerns for consumers at the moment.

A healthy, sustainable alternative

There is also the matter of choosing a healthier option. Of course, vegetarian and even vegan options are on the rise in the foodservice sector, but there is still plenty of room for low fat, high protein healthy alternatives to red meat like turkey.

Consumers concerned by the latest news that even a moderate intake of red meat raises cancer risks may well start to look for alternatives, and this could be turkey’s big moment. Finally, turkey offers a great deal of flexibility to the foodservice industry, as it can be used in everything from salads to burgers.

We’re passionate advocates for turkey here, as you’d expect. A homegrown, healthy and adaptable alternative to chicken and red meat sounds like a powerful proposition to us.

But we can all do even more to promote this fantastic meat and encourage people to enjoy it all year round. We’ll keep encouraging our foodservice partners to come up with innovative new turkey products that extend its appeal beyond Christmas.

And we’ll also keep sharing the very best cooking tips with our consumers to make sure that everyone knows how to make the most of this very special meat, 365 days a year.

Turkey’s not just for special occasions, but every day of the year
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Turkey’s not just for special occasions, but every day of the year
The Grove Smith Turkeys explains for many people, turkey is all about Christmas & Easter, but actually turkeys can make every day a special occasion.
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