The Health Benefits of Turkey


Here at Hubbard’s Farm, we’re always trying to get people to eat turkey every day – it’s too good for you to only have at Christmas (or Thanksgiving). We’re big advocates of the health benefits of this fabulous meat, and so we want to share just a few of them here.

The health benefits of turkey

We love turkey because it is beneficial for you in so many different ways – not just physically, but mentally too. But before we get onto how turkey helps to make you happier (it really does!) – here’s why it’s so good for your body.

First up, turkey is a fantastic source of protein. We need protein to build everything from our muscles through to repairing and renewing our skin, so the fact that an average turkey breast gives you around 25g of the good stuff is great news. Even better however is that turkey also has far less fat than a lot of other meats. Most of the meat you get on a turkey is white, which is far less fatty than darker meats.

A rich source of goodness

The second big health benefit you get from turkey is that it’s packed full of vital vitamins and minerals. The main ones are B vitamins which play a big part in helping your energy levels, and turkey is also packed with riboflavin, which also gives you energy (as well as healthy red blood cells).

There are also plenty of other goodies in there too – phosphorus is another important mineral that will help you to stay energetic, while selenium is an important antioxidant and helps to keep your immune system in tip-top order.

Turkey really does make you happier!

The team at Grove Smith have known that eating turkey is the secret to a happy life for years, but it seems the scientists have finally caught up with us now too.

Turkey is full of tryptophan – an amino acid that has a positive impact on our mental well being. It actually helps your brain’s functions to stay healthy and can also contribute to keeping mental health issues from developing later on in life. It’s also a crucial ‘happy chemical’ that simply makes us feel good.

What is good for our birds is good for you

So, turkey is packed full of the good stuff – and the even better news is that the love and care we give our turkeys here at Hubbard’s Farm has a direct impact on actually increasing the health benefits of this wonderful meat.

We always feed them well and make sure that they enjoy natural light and regular exercise – all factors that help to increase the number of nutrients that are in the meat.

So, there you have it. Our guide to the health benefits of turkey. Happy and healthy birds really do mean happier and healthy customers!

The Health Benefits of Turkey
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The Health Benefits of Turkey
The Grove Smith Turkeys’ guide to the health benefits of turkey – a low fat, highly nutritious source of protein. Check out the blog now.
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