Protecting Grove Smith turkeys from thieves – and harm

Grove Smith Turkeys - CCTV

How we help protect Grove Smith Turkeys

Our birds are very special to us here at Grove Smith Turkeys. So special that it can mean that they are a potential target for thieves which is why we want to protect them. 

Farms like ours can be real magnet for criminals. Not only do we have lots of valuable turkeys, and other animals, here at Hubbard’s Farm, but like many farmers, we have lots of large expensive machinery and tractors. Grove Smith farms covers a pretty big area, so making sure that everything is protected and everyone is safe can be a tough job. 

CCTV is helping to keep our birds, and farm and people safe

One solution that we’ve found works is installing an effective CCTV system on the farm. We don’t want to give away too many secrets about what we’ve installed (for obvious reasons!) but it does a brilliant job of protecting our animals and machinery. And thanks to improving technology it’s flexible and a powerful deterrent.

The CCTV system helps us to monitor trespassers (and the odd dog walker who has innocently wandered off a local footpath), so we can make sure that they’re OK, both in terms of their own personal safety, and their reasons for being on our land. And it also means we’re able to make sure our own workers are all safe in their day jobs.

Another useful feature of modern CCTV systems is that they can now be monitored remotely on a smartphone. It means that when we’re offsite, we can still keep a really close eye on things, making sure that our property, equipment, staff and turkeys are safe.

We’ve even found that having CCTV coverage has another unexpected benefit. It gives us an amazing insight into the secret life of the farm. Whether it is seeing what our award-winning turkeys are getting up to when our backs are turned, watching the swallows build their nests or even nocturnal visits from a local badger, there’s never a dull moment!

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Protecting our turkeys from thieves – and harm
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Protecting our turkeys from thieves – and harm
At Grove Smith Turkeys the team isn’t taking any changes with its prized birds and shares how a state-of-the-art CCTV system is protecting everyone.
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Grove Smith Turkeys
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