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Simply the best quality turkeys

High-quality award-winning turkeys and turkey products available from Grove Smith Turkeys.

One of the most common reactions we get when people taste our turkey for the first time is surprise (in the best possible way).


There’s a perception that turkey meat is dry and a bit on the bland side – and it can be – but not our turkey meat.  Grove Smith Turkeys are special.


There’s no secret to how we manage this either. For us, it all comes down to good animal husbandry. As a family, we’ve been farming here for over 50 years, and we know that a happy animal ends up producing the tastiest meat. So, acting ethically isn’t a new thing for us – we are a responsible member of the farming community, and always focus on making sure that people feel good about doing business with us.

The award-winning English Rose Turkey

That’s important to our customers – who range from food service providers, to catering suppliers and traditional butchers – and it’s important to us too. It means we make sure we always provide our birds with the space they need to grow, and use our high quality special farm ration that makes all the difference to the flavour when the meat is cooked. We’re best known for our English Rose Turkey – a succulent example of what the very best turkey meat should taste like. We feed our turkeys on a special farm ration which, when cooked, percolates into the meat.


You need to have a genuine passion for what you do to produce a product as good as this, and the fact that Grove Smith has won the British Turkey Awards in 2013, 2015 and 2016 (as well as being shortlisted in 2014/2018), is industry recognition that we’re doing something right.


We demand only the best for our birds, and for our customers too.


Our turkey is low fat and high protein and is a fantastic healthy option as part of a balanced diet, at any time of year.

Turkey is not just for Christmas

Of course, turkey makes up one of the most important dinners of the year. The whole family coming together to sit and enjoy a delicious meal on Christmas Day is special. Our customers want the flavour to shine through and with Grove Smith Turkeys it truly does. Not just on Christmas Day, but every day of the year.

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