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Life on our farm

Three generations of farming expertise make Grove Smith Turkeys the best in the business. Here’s a taste of life on our farm.

We’re often asked, what makes a Grove Smith’s Turkey Special? Well, the answer is love, affection and feeding the best rations. All the turkey feed is produced from the crops grown on the farm.  Our small family farm in North Essex grows the golden wheat and barley that provides the feed for the birds. The muck they generate then goes back into the soil to grow more wheat. When our turkeys are ready, we process them on site too, keeping that journey ‘from the plough to the plate’ as short as possible, all part our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Good farming practices

The Grove Smith family have been working this land since our owner William’s grandfather Cyril took it on in the 1930s. His son, David, ran it after him, and now William is carrying on the family tradition with the help of his wife Jo.


It’s a heritage that means there’s an unbroken line of three generations of honest, hardworking farmers behind every single turkey we produce here at Hubbard’s Farm. Each turkey is brought from local hatchery to our farm at just one day old and we raise them with the care and attention to detail that only comes with the genuine passion we have for this way of life.

Quality our customers trust

Life on our farm is good, and that’s reflected in our products. We supply to food services businesses for contract catering, to catering butchers who supply meat to hotels, restaurants and schools, and of course your traditional high street butchers – locally and throughout the UK. Every day we also deliver our tasty meat to the bustling London Market.

A wide range of products

We produce a complete range of turkey products, including whole turkey birds, turkey crowns, turkey breast rolls, turkey mince and turkey escalopes. We have the ability to prepare the turkey to your precise butchery requirements.

We’re also the proud home of the multi award-winning English Rose Turkey.

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Grove Smith Turkeys - grass