Grove Smith welcomes free-range turkeys to the farm – in time for the Thanksgiving holiday

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Grove Smith welcomes free-range turkeys to the farm – in time for the Thanksgiving holiday

Local Sussex farmer, William Grove Smith, introduces free-range turkeys to Grove Smith Farms in time to meet the demand for Thanksgiving. 

Although the UK is not famous for celebrating the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving, Grove Smith Farms have been providing free-range turkeys for events across the country. 

According to a story in the Guardian, the popularity of Thanksgiving has increased year on year with 1 in 6 Britons celebrating the American holiday. 

Grove Smith Turkeys see a spike in demand for Thanksgiving turkeys every year, and 2019 is no different. In fact, we are encouraging customers to place orders early so you’re not disappointed. 

The importance of free-range turkeys 

“The way a turkey is raised will make a huge difference to the flavour and when it’s the main focus of a meal, you want it to taste the best it can”, says William Grove-Smith. 

“Turkey’s, although you might not think it, are naturally inquisitive birds, so having plenty of access to the outside, along with space to roam and socialise with each other, makes all the difference.”

Always committed to the highest welfare standards, Grove Smith Farms have expanded their farm and created a dedicated area for the turkeys to roam.

What does free range mean?


Free-range bronze turkeys are regulated by the EU. They must have space to roam with outdoor access. Access to the outdoors is so important because they are naturally very inquisitive birds and need to be stimulated. 

The quality of the free-range farms can vary, and the best birds come from farms where there is lots of space and pasture or forest areas for them to explore. 

Free-range birds tend to grow more slowly, meaning they have more flavour, more fat in their muscles and a better, firmer texture. For this reason, free-range turkeys, and the breast meat is less likely to dry out when you cook them.

Grove Smith has won awards from the British Turkey Association for their English Rose easy carve range. The British turkey awards are an annual award event for the British Turkey Industry. It’s the biggest annual event in the industry’s calendar which showcases the very best chicken, turkey, duck and goose products within the retail and foodservice sectors. It recognises the hard work and innovation that suppliers contribute to the everyday operation of the industry. 

Grove Smith Turkey’s have a dedicated area that is specially designed for their slow-growing award-winning turkeys. 

Having been in the farming industry for 30 years, they have three generations of farmer working in their farm. Everyone on the farm is committed to the highest standards of quality in their turkeys. We have recently introduced CCTV across the farm to monitor the welfare of each of the birds. We perform regular checks throughout the day to make sure every bird is happy. 

The farm operates a field to fork policy within 5 miles of the farm. This means that all the turkeys are fed and raised on wheat and barely that is grown within 5 miles of the farm. Not only is this more environmentally sound, but it also reduces the number of food miles that are created.