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Our award-winning English Rose Easy Carve Turkey

Grove Smith Turkeys - English Rose Turkey - Turkey Award

We’re delighted to have won the top award in the Cost Foodservice sector of the 2016 British Turkey Awards with our classic English Rose Easy Carve Turkey.

This win is particularly special for us, because we’ve put a huge amount of care, attention to detail and innovation into creating something that know our Cost Foodservice customers love. The Cost Foodservice industry is an important sector and covers what a lot of people also call ‘public sector procurement’. Essentially, it’s our job to provide only the very best quality products to Britain’s schools, hospitals and other publicly-funded organisations.

That is a big responsibility, and one we take very seriously – and it is a part of our job that we love. To know that the care that we put into our products is helping our Cost Foodservice partners to, in turn, deliver the very best experience for the people that theycare for every day, up and down the UK, is hugely important to us.

A product like our English Rose Easy Carve Turkey is the perfect solution for these valued customers of ours. It’s quick and easy to prepare, it’s the highest quality meat grown in the best possible conditions, and most importantly, it’s delicious.

Here at Grove Smith Turkeys, we’re really proud of what we create for all of our customers, and it is always special to be recognised for the hard work we all put in. You can find out more about our big night at the Sheraton for the British Turkey Awards here.

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